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Term 2 - Student Program

Student Curriculum Timetable
T2 2024 | Alpine School Campus
21 APRIL – 22 JUNE 2024

View an Example Program (Wk 3) at Alpine School Campus plus a Snapshot of our Program in images

Program Snapshot


SSL Student Program
Classes & Timetable

Every emerging leader participates in all the same classes during their stay at the School for Student Leadership (SSL).


At the Alpine School Campus, students are divided into four Core Groups: Feathertop, Hotham, Loch & Tabletop.

SSL Student Program – Example Week

The classes highlighted and described in an example of week 3 of our student program shown below, follow the timetable of student classes for the Core Group “Hotham”.


Second class from the Health & Well-Being learning concept sessions. Students learn about providing basic first aid and concentrate more so on CPR, they utilize scenarios, ‘CPR dummies’ and each other to develop their understanding of first aid.

CLP 3: Action plan

Students will create an action plan for how they will complete their Community Learning Project. They will prioritise tasks and delegate responsibility to create a detailed plan. Students will undertake these Community Learning Projects upon return to their local communities.

EXPO 1 Prep

Students prepare by setting an Expo 1 goal, organising and packing individual and group gear and food, planning routes and allocating team roles. Students discuss managing emotional responses of self and peers as well as draw links between stretching comfort zone and stress and functionality to build confidence for Expo 1.


The first of two expeditions, Students undertake a 1-night, 2-day hike along The Huts Walk trail at Mt Hotham. During the expedition, students engage in various roles and reflect on their experiences. This lesson promotes learning in areas such as self-belief, relationships, and emotional management.

EXPO 1: Reflect

Students use photo evidence, feedback from their teacher and ‘feedback buddy’ and various analysis activities to reflect on their experiences during Expo 1. They set goals and prepare food orders for Expo 2 and update new learning on the Learning Concept pages on OneNote.

Nature Art

Students explore their connection to the environment by creating art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. They collaborate to create their natural artwork, exploring their relationship with the natural world.
Students showcase art through a gallery walk and discuss and reflect on their work.

Local Learning Project Day

Students host a local primary school and deliver their teams lessons based around one of the 9 Learning Concepts. Students are responsible for managing the smooth running of the day including managing the visiting students between classes.

Recharge Day / Photography

Once a week students have the chance to ‘recharge’. This is a day when students can organise a wide range of activities and excursions. These range from hiking the superb Razorback trail to Mt Feathertop, a swim and a barbecue at a local spot or a photography incursion to name a few.

SSL Program: Week 3 | Term 4

Weekly Community Goal Review

Every Sunday night the community comes together to review the Weekly Community Goal. This 10 minute review, facilitated by the student leaders, will draw on the Community Agreement and the SSL Experiential Learning Model to inform the community goal for the upcoming week

EM1 - Movie: Inside Out

(Emotional Management 1) Students learn about emotional triggers, how different emotions feel and how they affect behaviour through the movie Inside Out. This insightful and heartwarming film features 11-year-old Riley as she navigates her way through key emotions.

iReflect Wk 3

This night class gives students the opportunity to reflect critically on their time in the program. They connect Learning Concepts with their experiences, using a dart metaphor to enhance specificity. Students gather evidence and add it to their OneNote Learning Concept pages, fostering self-belief, relationships, and emotional management. The lesson promotes mindful self-improvement and fosters a sense of community and adaptability.

Local Learning Project 3

Students prepare for the upcoming LLP day where they host a local Primary school and teach a selection of self-designed lessons around the 9 Learning Concepts. As well as rehearsing they give and receive construct feedback from their peers and teachers.

Student Led Activity / Community Walk

Students participate in a twice weekly, 30-minute walk together as a community or alternatively partake in an activity planned and run by the days student leaders. These activities can range from yoga to trivia or community games.

Local Learning Project 4: Logistics

Students refine their LLP lessons by reflecting on feedback from peers and staff. They adjust their lesson plans and finalise the logistics for the event. The student led committee organises the timetable, room setup and other aspects of the day.

Local Learning Project: Review

Students engage in group and individual reflection to assess their performance during the community learning project. This activity includes a leaderless discussion, team evaluation, and personal reflection, all recorded in OneNote as learning evidence. It concludes the LLP sequence, with potential leadership opportunities available in other activities and projects.

Spirit Spot

Each Saturday night students spend time self-reflecting in the natural environment. This takes place in our designated ‘spirit spot’ on the ski slope overlooking our beautiful high-country mountains.

Winter Program

Cross Country Skiing.

Students participate in 3 cross country ski lessons in preparation for 2 ski tour days. They learn fundamental cross country skiing skills as well as risk management, gear setup and management. These sessions also promote a healthy, active and sustainable lifestyle through recreational activities. Students have the option to organise and participate in additional cross-country skiing on recharge days.

Downhill Skiing.

Held over 5 days throughout the term, students participate in downhill skiing at Mt Hotham. They undertake continuous experiential learning through lessons with Mt Hotham Ski School instructors as well as ‘freeskiing’ with teachers.  

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