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We Are The School For Student Leadership.
Term Residential Program for Year 9 Students at the Alpine School
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Curriculum Program for T2 2024
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The Alpine School Campus.

Find out about our unique campus situated at Dinner Plain, in the Victorian Alps.
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It is more than a school; it is a home, a place of play, relaxation, relationships, friendships, emotions, health, sickness, eating, sleeping and waking, learning and adventure…

The School for Student Leadership program is based on experiential learning which, in a nutshell, means we try to learn from all experiences rather than just those that take place in the classroom.

Experiential Learning.

Our students are able to increase their connectedness to the environment and their respective communities, develop their own self-worth and self-belief; and create stronger relationships with their communities of peers, families and staff.


The Alpine School

The Alpine School

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The Alpine School Campus, School for Student Leadership

Let’s hear from students …

Personal responses from some of our past Yr 9 students about their Alpine School Campus SSL experience …

  • At my time at the SSL, I have become more, grateful, resilient, focused, determined, and connected to the natural environment along with many things. Since coming back, I have realised that the Alpine School has made me much more of a better person. Being there taught me how to be brave and push through at the toughest of times, how to effectively lead others, how to maintain a positive mindset and how to build the best, most respectful and thriving relationships.

    Lucas, 2023

  • My greatest challenge was learning how to cut myself some slack and lower my own standards. Before my time at SSL, I spent a lot of time focusing on the negatives and struggled to acknowledge my accomplishments. The Alpine School Campus and staff have taught me how to reflect on my achievements and be proud of my growth.

    Brigitte, 2023

  • I have become much more understanding and empathetic towards other people. I now know that there are many different factors that influence an individual’s actions, and those factors should always be considered before making a judgment about someone. Therefore, instead of instinctively concluding something about someone, I try to understand their position and the circumstances that led them to this.

    Ryan, 2023

  • At the Alpine School, my proudest moment was when my team and I completed our CLP presentation. We had worked so hard, practiced for so long, and once we finally did it, I felt a weight was lifted off my shoulders because actually, it wasn’t so bad at all! I think it also taught me that if I put in the effort, I can do anything.

    Lucas, 2023

  • During my time when I was at SSL I had really opened up to the new environment and to meeting new people, I have become more independent, definitely more confident and more open since I’ve left SSL, that I should always take opportunities. That I’ve probably have taken more opportunities and challenges at SSL than I have since I’ve taken alive. I’m glad I have become more open ended and open to taking things on.

    Alice, 2023

  • My proudest moment was being able to ski down the blue village track on our last downhill ski session. This showed me how resilient I was considering that it was my first time learning how to downhill ski and cross-country.

    Zahra, 2023

The Alpine School - Students participate in Team building activities undertaken in Week 1

Mutual trust, care & respect

School for Student Leadership

As our students, as emerging leaders live, eat, work, play, get ill, socialise and emotionalise at our place 24/7, the total care and wellbeing of our students is number one.

A Focus on
Student’s Care & Wellbeing.

Understanding how to care, attend to and support students undertaking a significant separation is the first priority of the success of our schools.

Communication between
families, students and staff.

A unique residential
education experience
for year 9 students.

Students live and work in a very close environment with up to 45 of their peers;

They sleep, eat, shower and work all under the one roof and share the same experiences of the neighbouring environment.

Find out more about
Campus Life:

Campus life at the Alpine School - Kitchen Duty & Meal Prep
SSL Students explore the local Alpine environment whilst out on their overnight expeditions (Expo)

Each term, school teams of year 9 students selected from both metropolitan and country regions attend the Alpine School Campus.


2024 Teams


2023 Teams

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